s, teachers in public schools are busy handling all kinds of paperwork from the education authorit

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    ies ▓for evaluations and exams.That was why the quality of sch▓ool education was gradually

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lagging behind ▓that in tutoring institutions, he said, add▓ing that the real sol

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ution to reducing pupils' academic ▓workload is to increase the quality of▓ school

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    asses when they wanted to develop their artistic or sporting talent▓.Chu Zhaohui, a senior researcher at t▓he National Institute of Education, said that although▓ the education authorities had been discussing ways to re▓duce the burden on children for more than two decades, pupil▓s' workload had, ironically, increased over the years."The root cause

    for the increasing workload is the unbalance

  • 21st Century Educatio

    d distribution of education resources among different schools, forcing parents to do everything they can to send their children to better schools," Chu said.Almost every district has "superschools" that have the best ed▓ucational resources and are supported and promoted by local authorities looking to bur▓nish their achievements, he said.Xiong sa

    id parents are not opposed to reducing the a

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    cademic workload on their children."However, they also know that as long as the university entrance exam is the only way for students to get admitted, they have to force ▓their kids to put all efforts into studying," he said.In the absence of a social safety net, education remains the key means by which most families hope to enrich a younger gen

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humane community04-02-▓2018 14:28 BJTApril 2nd marks the eleventh annual World Autism Awareness Day.Currently, the rate

of teens diagnosed with autism is estimated at 1 to 68▓ worldwide

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with an increasing ratio year by year.Over 10 million people suffer from the disease in China with half of them teens a

ged below 14 years old. Autism is a form of p▓ervasive devel

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opmental disorder. People get the d▓isease due to insufficient attention from their parents or punishment from parents&rsqu

o; bad behavior.Autistic p▓eople require others understanding the

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